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Alzheimer’s Women’s Initiative Luncheon

Santa Barbara Launches Alzheimers Women’s Initiative
“Your Brain Matters; Use it to End Alzheimers”.
Friday, November 21, 2014
At the Alzheimers Inaugural Luncheon

What: Led by Gerd Jordano and Anne Towbes, a group of influential women will launch what is being called the Alzheimer’s Women’s Initiative (AWI) and is modeled after a similar and successful program in Orange County. Lady Leslie Ridley -Tree is the Honorary Chair of this event.
How: The goal of this new initiative is to change the face of Alzheimer’s in our community. We will do this by educating our families, associates and neighbors about the economic and human impact of Alzheimer’s disease; by honoring the selfless caregivers who care for those with Alzheimer’s; by advocating for the political clout necessary to help those affected by all types of dementia; and by expanding the resources available to the more than 38,500 families locally who are living with Alzheimer’s each and every day.
Why: Women are at the epicenter. Alzheimers in the fastest growing disease in our country when all other diseases are declining in numbers . 10 million women either have or are caring for someone with the disease. Women comprise 65 percent of the people with Alzheimer’s disease. Women are also the majority of the workforce. And despite 70 percent of women working full time, they are also the primary caregivers in their families as well. Half of working women care for elderly parents, and a third of them care for children at home and their elderly parents. Most of these women caregivers rate their stress level as 5 out of 5.
When: Friday, November 21, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm, at the Fess Parker Double Tree Resort
Who: A start to the initiative will bring together 500 people at an inaugural luncheon titled, “Your Brain Matters; Use it to End Alzheimers”. Well known tv and movie actress Kim Paisley (and Montecito resident with her Country Music Star Brad Paisley) will be the keynote speaker, sharing her personal experiences with Alzheimers, and the story of her mother with early onset; Physician Dr. Laurel Coleman of the National Alzheimers Board of Directors will address the National Plan and disease challenges and treatment advances; 3 caregivers will be showcased with awards. Alzhimers Association Executive Director Rhonda Speigel will share our local association’s assets and resources as the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimers care, the brains behind saving yours.

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