STOP Obama’s land grab! Save Mt. Baldy & Burro Canyon Shooting Park

Dear Patriots,
STOP OBAMA’s Federal Land Grab that could shut down Mt. Baldy, the Burro Canyon Shooting Park, hiking, biking and off-roading in the San Gabriel Mtns.

When: Monday, Oct 6th, 2pm
Where: Field Office of Congresswoman Judy Chu
527 Lake Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101
Contact: Erin Letarte @ 626-224-0228/

Please spread the word. We need to wake up, Southern California!

President Obama is planning to visit a park in Pasadena on Friday, so your voice is needed on Monday (We will also be protesting his visit on Friday the 10th, stay tuned for details).

We need large numbers. What’s at stake affects every Californian, not just those who live in or near these areas.

If you love winter sports and Mt. Baldy Ski Resort, this is your fight.

If you’ve ever been to scenic Burro Canyon Shooting Park, it could be shut down if you fail to act.

If you’ve ever enjoyed biking or hiking or horseback riding in the mountains, you need to step up and protect those pursuits for your children.

Background: As a result of a misguided effort to declare over 620,000 acres a “wilderness area”—which is code for keeping the public off public lands—and when that failed in Congress due to growing opposition, she entreated President Obama to declare this area (see Map) a National Monument, which would allow the Federal Government to break leases with leaseholders such as Mt. Baldy Ski Resort, deprive private property owners of their land through eminent domain, and limit access by closing off areas to humans and raising the fees.

Please spread the memes (pics) that I have attached on FB, Twitter, Instagram and send this email far and wide! Be sure to include the basic info on the protest in your posts.

No one wants President Obama on the campaign trail; let’s send him a clear message that his land grab is not wanted in our backyard! Now is the time to ACT, or forever lose your rights! Future generations are counting on you!

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