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Township of Los Olivos Loses Maya the Cat

Los Olivos, CA – Years ago, Maya the Cat, an unassuming, smallish black and white cat, adopted Los Olivos as her hometown. She soon became a town fixture, spending time at the Judith Hale Gallery, The Fess Parker Wine Country Inn, and many spots in between. Petite yet fierce, she could be wonderfully haughty, preening or bathing in the sunshine, ignoring passersby who bid her a hello. On other days, she could be disarmingly friendly, brushing herself up against a previously shunned local, calling out with an uncommonly loud meow for some attention. In between her walks about town, she could be seen sleeping on her favorite chair inside the lobby of the inn, or lounging in the local park.

She also became popular among tourists who would hear stories about Maya the Cat from local shopkeepers or winemakers from behind a tasting bar. For well over a decade, she managed to be owned by no one in particular, while belonging to the township of Los Olivos, many of its resident’s cat lovers.

On October 19th, Maya the Cat finally went through her ninth life when she was killed by a stray dog. She will be greatly missed by the town of Los Olivos and countless visitors who took her photo and were charmed by her fiery little personality.

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