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Center for Lifelong Learning Completes First Year of Operation

Santa Barbara City College’s Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) recently completed its first year of operation reporting positive results and response from the community. Launched last fall, CLL was developed by SBCC, along with input from a community task force, in response to the State of California deemphasizing funding for personal enrichments courses.

“Supporting lifelong learning has always been part of SBCC’s mission,” said SBCC Executive Vice President Dr. Jack Friedlander. “Given its importance to the community, the college proceeded with the creation of a new self-sustaining center not tied to state funding or regulations.”

Two years in development, the CLL was established in 2013 with classes primarily offered at the Alice W. Schott Campus and Selmer O. Wake Campus. In its first year, 2013-2014, the CLL reported an enrollment of 7,680 unduplicated (individual) students with total class enrollment of 22,879 for the year. An estimated 1,390 were new students who had not enrolled in a state-supported class at the college in the prior two years. During the year, 1,164 classes ran successfully, of which 115 were new offerings. The average class size was 20 students. The CLL reported a balanced budget with the average tuition fee calculated at $5 an hour.

The five top programs by enrollment were: Dance, Fitness, Recreation & Personal; Arts; Psychology & Spirituality; Crafts: Ceramics; and Crafts & Hobbies: General.

In order to offer the most effective teaching and learning environment, both the Schott Campus and Wake Campus are included on the list of facilities projects that would be undertaken if Measure S is approved by the voters on November 4.

Built in 1935, the Schott Campus would be renovated keeping the building’s historical character intact and on-site portables would be replaced with a permanent building. Built in 1956, the Wake Campus would be replaced with a modern teaching and learning facility and the 11 portables removed with the space replaced and integrated into the reconstructed facility. During construction, displaced CLL classes would be offered in temporary alternative classrooms and remodeling of both campuses would not take place at the same time.

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About Santa Barbara City College:
Founded in 1909, Santa Barbara City College currently serves approximately 25,000 students each semester who enroll in courses for transfer preparation, career education, and foundational skills and an additional 4,500 enroll in lifelong learning classes. In 2013, SBCC was named national co-winner of the prestigious Aspen Institute Prize for Community College Excellence. The college was recognized for its quality and focus in four areas: facilitating underrepresented and minority student success, student learning outcomes, degree completion and transfer rates, and labor market success in securing good jobs after college.

Our Mission: As a public community college dedicated to the success of each student…Santa Barbara City College provides students a diverse learning environment that inspires curiosity and discovery, promotes global responsibility and fosters opportunity for all.

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