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Lucky Penny Announces Parker Gumins as Winner of “Penny Challenge” Contest


10 Year Old Gumins Beats Over 100 Submissions to
Win a Pizza Named in his Honor and a Lucky Penny Pizza Party for 10

Lucky Penny, Santa Barbara and Peter Gumins

Lucky Penny, Santa Barbara’s most talked about landmark with an exteriortiled in real pennies, announces Parker Gumins of Santa Barbara as the winner of the “Penny Challenge” contest.

Parker Gumins, age 10, won the challenge to guess the number of real pennies used to tile the exterior of Lucky Penny. Parker’s carefully calculated guess of 163,780 pennies came in the closest to the actual number of 164,456 pennies, coming short of only 676 copper coins. Gumins was one of over 100 individuals entering the contest.

Parker’s mother, Jamie Gumins stated, “As soon as Parker was aware of the “Penny Challenge” our entire lunch was consumed in this mathematical contest. He wrote his numbers and equations on the back of a napkin. My husband Steve and I can attest that Parker is super focused and will not accept failure. It shows in every day aspects of his life including skiing, school, and his goal of making the US ski team. His motto is “go hard or go home!”

As the winner of the “Penny Challenge” Parker was able to design a special pizza honoring him to be featured on the menu at Lucky Penny for one year, as well as a pizza party for Parker and his 10 guests. Lucky Penny Chef Pat Jackson spoke with Parker about his favorite pizzas before creating the special. “The Parker” – a pizza of San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, roasted wild mushrooms and Parmesan is now available and will be featured as the Lucky Penny winner until September 1, 2015.

Lucky Penny Director of Operations Dan Russo states, “It’s taken us a year to find a worthy winner who could come close to the actual penny count. And we couldn’t be more delighted to award the prize to Parker. He amazed us all as we witnessed him studying and measuring the façade of Lucky Penny with the concentration and determination of Pythagoras.”


Parker Gumins, Penny Challenge Winner | Photo Macy Kremzar 2014

The “Parker” is currently available and will continue to be featured until September 1, 2015.

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