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Santa Barbara County Public Safety Groups Urge Voters to Vote “No on Measure P”

Santa Barbara County Public Safety Groups
Urge Voters to Vote “No on Measure P”

Citing the significant reduction in funding for public safety services, an array of police and fire organizations have announced their opposition to Measure P, including the Santa Barbara County Firefighters Association (SBCFFA), representing 225 firefighters throughout the county, the Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriffs Association (SBCDSA), representing 440 deputy sheriffs throughout the county, the Santa Barbara Police Officers Association (SBPOA), representing 127 police officers throughout the county, and the Peace Officer Research Association of California (PORAC), representing over 64,000 peace officers in California.

“Oil and gas production in Northern Santa Barbara County provides an important source of funding for fire protection throughout the county,” said SBCFFA President Adam Estabrook. “Measure P would shut down nearly all oil and gas production – even though it’s been operating safely for decades. Santa Barbara County firefighters are deeply concerned about the damage Measure P can do to county services. By shutting down nearly all on-shore oil and gas production, Measure P also cuts millions in tax dollars on-shore production generates for law enforcement and fire protection. It’s vital for Santa Barbara County voters to know passing this deceptive measure will have a direct and negative impact on firefighter service levels.”

“On-shore oil and gas production has been safely generating jobs and revenue in Santa Barbara County for decades,” said SBCDSA President Chris Corbett. “Measure P would disregard current laws and regulations, shutting down nearly all existing oil and gas production, and lowering our quality of life by killing jobs, hurting economic growth and destroying critical tax revenues that fund vital public services throughout the county.”

“Measure P threatens thousands of jobs and almost $300 million in economic activity,” said SBPOA President, Mike McGrew. “Our members are not only concerned for the possible loss of jobs in law enforcement, but also for the job losses throughout our community if over $300 million per year in economic activity leaves the county.”

The “No on P” coalition consists of a broad based group of community, civic and business leaders and over 2,000 individuals and groups, including firefighters, sheriffs, police, labor groups, farmers, ranchers, small businesses, and chambers of commerce. To learn more about Measure P please visit us at our website

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