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Local biotech company launches

GENiSYSS Launches Website About Easy, Inexpensive Home
DNA Storage for Everyone

Santa Barbara, CA, September 12, 2014 — GENiSYSS, a bio-technology firm located in Goleta, California, announces the public launch of their website, GENiSYSS has a very unique, patented product, combining room-temperature, long term storage of DNA and associated information. GENiSYSS is the only company to make personal storage of DNA practical and readily available.

DNA research is one of the fastest expanding areas of science today. Both the ability to predict medical conditions far in advance of their physical expression AND the ability to use early, healthy DNA to help block the expression of diseases will become reality in medicine within the next decade.

Right now, DNA is influencing drug labels and drug usage. Very recently, scientists identified DNA mutations associated with diseases such as autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome and breast cancer.

Could healthy DNA stored from earlier in a person’s life be used to block or treat these and other diseases including cancer? Cancer and other diseases are currently in research with positive anticipation for using DNA to track, predict and even treat.
The growing interest and participation in determining ancestry and the family tree has added to the interest in DNA. National Geographic’s Genographic Project uses DNA analysis in indigenous communities around the world to help answer questions about where humans originated and how they migrated as the earth was populated. A massive database has resulted and continues to grow. This information helps people understand their heritage going much deeper into history than has been possible through mere lineage research. Online search engines have started using DNA testing to add to their own databases facilitating people finding living relatives as well as discovering the possible historic ties to the movement of human tribes.

Before now, DNA had to be frozen and carefully kept in climate control labs. Often, a power shortage would ruin years of scientific work. However, GENiSYSS has exclusive use of patented technology in combination with memory and customized software to make DNA storage easily accessible and inexpensive enough for personal use.

Product will soon be available to the public. Visit the GENiSYSS website to learn more and to sign up for advance notification of the product launch. Receive product in time for the holiday season. People who sign up early also have the opportunity to benefit as an affiliate for sales commissions. Get details by visiting the website and signing up now.

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