PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cottage and SBCC Partner for Additional Athletic Safety Through Force Meters


SANTA BARBARA - Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and Santa Barbara City College have joined efforts in a new program to keep SBCC student athletes safer on the playing field and court during sports. The collaboration features the introduction of Triax Smart Impact Monitor (SIM) meters which athletes will wear during practice and competition for the SBCC men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, and men’s football teams.

SIM meters are miniature devices that slide into the back of a headband and measure head impacts and record the “hit count” incurred by athletes in these high-risk sports.

The data will support potential research projects which would allow for the study of how forces sustained during athletics may impact the brain. Led by Dr. Stephen Kaminski, Director of Trauma Services at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the research would compare telemetry data (linear and rotational g-force impact data) with imaging data as well as cognitive function.

SBCC is the first college in California to implement a “hit count” certified product for athletes and also offers one of the most rigorous concussion management protocols in the country,” said SBCC Athletic Director Ryan Byrne.

SIM meters record linear and rotational g-force of all impacts to the head, and automatically upload the data to a web-based platform. Trainers, coaches and physicians receive “dashboards” of all data and real-time alerts when students experience hits beyond a set threshold.

The concussion management plan will include information to student athletes on head injuries and concussions, baseline testing, injury prevention efforts, and protocols on when athletes should be removed from and returned to the playing fields. The medical infrastructure includes a team physician and certified athletic trainer who work closely with the sports coaches and student athletes to ensure all protocols are carefully followed.

SBCC has a long-standing partnership with Cottage and we are pleased to add this important safety program for student athletes to our collaboration,” said SBCC President Lori Gaskin. “We are grateful to Cottage for its support in ensuring that these student athletes receive the best possible preventive attention during the intercollegiate athletics season as they pursue their academic goals.”

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