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Santa Barbara County Chambers of Commerce Urge Voters to Vote “No on Measure P”

Santa Barbara County Chambers of Commerce Urge Voters to Vote “No on Measure P”

Citing the drastic damage it would inflict on the local economy, Chambers of Commerce from across Santa Barbara County have decided to oppose Measure P, including the Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce, representing 983 small businesses throughout the county, the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, representing 800 small businesses, and the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce representing 450 small businesses.

“Contrary to the promises of Measure P’s supporters, this poorly-written, deceptive initiative would lead to the shutdown of nearly all oil and gas production,” said Ken Oplinger, President of the Santa Barbara Region Chamber. “Oil and gas production is an integral part of the Santa Barbara County economy. It generates $300 million in economic activity annually and provides more than 1,000 well-paying jobs — real jobs, worked by real people with real families who depend on them.”

Measure P supporters have no plan to replace the jobs and economic activity that will be destroyed by their deceptively-worded initiative,” said Glenn Morris, President of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber. “Onshore oil and gas production has been operating safely for many decades. It makes no sense to shut it down at a time when we are trying to reduce our dependence on imported foreign oil. Fossil fuels will be part of our manufacturing and transportation industries for a long time to come. Any oil and gas we don’t produce here will just be imported in tankers from countries where the environmental standards aren’t as tough as in California.”

“On behalf of business and employers from all across Santa Barbara County, we can’t say strongly enough how urgent it is to defeat Measure P,” said Kristen Miller, President of the Goleta Valley Chamber. “It’s drastic, costly and flawed, and our county can’t afford it.”

The “No on P” coalition consists of a broad based group of community, civic and business leaders and over 2,000 individuals and groups, including firefighters, sheriffs, police, labor groups, farmers, ranchers, small businesses, and chambers of commerce. To learn more about Measure P please visit us at our website NOonMeasureP .com.

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