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Santa Barbara County Public School Advocates Urge Voters to Vote “No on Measure P”

Santa Barbara County Public School Advocates Urge Voters to Vote “No on Measure P”

Citing the significant reduction in funding for public schools, an array of public school advocates and teachers have announced their opposition to Measure P, including Riccardo Magni the 2013 Santa Barbara County Teacher of the Year and recipient of the Presidential Innovation Award for environmental educators, Diana Banales, former President, Santa Barbara Community Academy Parent Teacher Association(PTA) , and Christie Ortiz, teacher at Santa Maria High School.

“Measure P is a flawed and costly initiative that is going to have a severe impact on the county’s education budget,” said Riccardo Magni, 2013 Santa Barbara County Teacher of the Year. “At a time when our teachers are constantly trying to do more with less, Measure P would lead to the elimination of $10.2 million in funding that goes directly to our public schools.”

The people of this county care about the quality education that our public schools provide,” said Diana Banales, former President of the Santa Barbara Community Academy PTA. “Measure P would greatly reduce the amount of money allocated to our schools, and that is bad for our community.”

“Measure P will take away millions in funding for our local schools every year,” said Christie Ortiz, Teacher at Santa Maria High School. “There are children who come from lower income and minority families in this county who will be greatly harmed if school budgets are slashed.”

The “No on P” coalition consists of a broad based group of community, civic and business leaders and over 2,000 individuals and groups, including firefighters, sheriffs, police, labor groups, farmers, ranchers, small businesses, and chambers of commerce. To learn more about Measure P please visit us at our website NOonMeasureP .com.

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