Mission Wealth CEO named to list of 100 visionary leaders

Santa Barbara-based Mission Wealth, a nationally recognized wealth management firm, announces that CEO and co-founder Seth Streeter was named this week by Real Leaders magazine to their list, “100 Visionary Leaders: Leading Us to a Better World.”

The list includes such luminaries as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and Angelina Jolie.

Real Leaders magazine introduced the list as follows: “We wanted to share a wide variety [of leaders] to demonstrate that anyone can be a real leader. The people on the following pages have all achieved remarkable things from simple ideas and, in so doing, have positively changed the lives of millions.”

Streeter is the thought-leader behind Inspired Wealth Management, a program that helps other leaders – through forums and individual coaching – to become successful in new ways by igniting their purpose and leveraging their gifts for greater impact.

Streeter’s mission is to encourage CEOs and other successful individuals to redefine their understanding of wealth, changing it from being solely about financial accumulation into something else – abundance in relationships, health, fun, emotional well-being, career satisfaction, impact, and intellectual and spiritual growth.

“Being in the company of these individuals is such an honor!” Streeter said. “I’m grateful and humbled to be recognized with them and I look forward to learning from this esteemed group so I can make greater impact in the future.”

Renee Hennessee is a marketing coordinator with Mission Wealth.

About Mission Wealth

Mission Wealth’s vision is to empower affluent families to pursue their financial dreams. The founders saw a demand for something different from what other financial services firms were providing. Thus, Mission Wealth was established on the principles of objective advice, proactive financial planning, and coordination with other professional advisers, including accountants and attorneys.

Mission Wealth does not sell any internal products; therefore, the recommendations they make are solely in the client’s best interests. Their holistic and comprehensive planning process helps clients achieve their goals and enjoy greater peace of mind. Mission Wealth manages over $1.2 billion in assets for over 600 families nationwide. For more information on Mission Wealth, please visit


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