Santa Barbara, California (April 6, 2015) – Southern California local, established artist and creative entrepreneur Beth Amine is throwing an art benefit fundraiser at the AYNI Gallery in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara, CA on Saturday, May 2nd to celebrate the release of her Joyous Movement: Fun Dance Fitness instructional DVD for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The evening’s Kickstarter launch is to fund continued filming and expand awareness of her art movement vision for seniors and all ages. Admission is $10 or donation at the door.
The event begins with a reception at 6pm with over thirty of Beth’s original paintings for sale with prints available for as low as $25. Donations are also being accepted in honor and loving memory of Alzheimer’s patients, with online Kickstarter donation stations accessible at the event. Our goal is to make these powerful and healing movement classes accessible to any individual or facility who could benefit from them.
Program begins at 7pm with informational talks on the power of healing through dance, followed by the Maravilla Retirement Community resident seniors performing their choreography with Beth and testimonies on how Joyous Movement has improved their health and well-being.
Alzheimer’s is an epidemic condition that robs people of their memory, erases personality and makes even routine tasks like dressing and bathing impossible. According to a twenty-one year study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, dance is the most beneficial activity, physical or cognitive, to reduce and prevent dementia. Dance restores and creates new cognitive pathways in the brain by connecting the body and mind in joy and freedom.
Beth has been prominent in the visual arts and movement arts communities for over four decades. Joyous Movement: Fun Dance Fitness for seniors and all ages to re-awaken their body and mind and prevent the probability of cultural concepts of aging. Results of Joyous Movement include the improved quality of life that comes with more fitness, flexibility, balance, as well as the continued creation of fresh and new neural pathways.
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About Joyous Movement:
Beth Amine has been dedicated to self-expression in the arts for over four decades. She has created hundreds of commissioned works and paintings, as well as consistent dance performances and teaching. Her passion for personal exploration has led her to create formats in both the visual arts and movement that allow anyone, and literally anyone, from an autistic child, to a patient with Alzheimer’s, to a stressed executive to experience the joy and well being that comes from expressing and connecting to ones internal life. Beth’s current focus is her new art movement project, Joyous Movement: Fun Dance Fitness for Seniors. The formats are simple, easy, fun, sustainable movements for those desiring to feel their aliveness and re-awaken their natural connection to the fullness of the human experience. Results are the improved quality of life that comes with more fitness, flexibility, balance, as well as the continued creation of fresh and new neural pathways.


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