CARPINTERIA, March 18, 2015 –-On Saturday, April 18th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the
Santa Barbara County Flower & Nursery Growers’ Association, is hosting the 7th Annual
Carpinteria Greenhouse & Nursery Tour, an opportunity for the public to meet their
local flower farmer and to see firsthand how Santa Barbara County’s flower farms create
the beauty that contributes over $770.7 million in economic impact to the local economy
and produce over 50 percent of California’s farm gate value of flowers. With the Golden
State producing approximately 75 percent of the nation’s beautiful blooms, Carpinteria
has become widely known as the “Flower Basket” of the United States.
The public is invited to attend free, farmer-guided tours on Saturday of seven
flower farms located in the Carpinteria Valley. Among the flowers that will be
showcased are roses, gerberas, orchids and more. Each farmer will demonstrate a variety
of sustainable growing and harvesting practices. Participating growers include: Ever-
Bloom, Gallup & Stribling Orchids, Myriad Flowers, Ocean Breeze International, Pianta
Bella, Westland Orchids and Produce and Westerlay Orchids.
“Today 74% of consumers have no idea where the flowers they buy are grown,”
said Kasey Cronquist, CEO and Ambassador of the California Cut Flower Commission.
“So, most people do not realize that 80% of flowers sold in our country are now
imported. Tours like these help to drive awareness of locally grown flowers and the
reasons why consumers’ support for American Grown flower farmers is important.”
“We’re pleased to partner with our sponsors to give the community a chance to
learn more about our wonderful community of flower farmers,” said June Van
Wingerden, president of the Santa Barbara Flower & Nursery Growers’ Association.

“This event is important because it provides an annual opportunity to invite the public
into our greenhouses to see the beauty growing inside. We have so many beautiful plants
and flowers growing inside Carpinteria’s greenhouses, the tours allows us to share that
beauty and highlight how our flower farms help the local economy and provide many
types of jobs.”
About Carpinteria Greenhouse & Nursery Tour
The Annual Carpinteria Greenhouse & Nursery Tour was established by the Santa
Barbara County Flower and Nursery Growers’ Association. The Association was
established in 1975 to support its farms through advocacy, promotion and public
relations efforts to ensure a positive long-term relationship with the local community.
The farm tour gives the public the rare opportunity to see the beauty growing inside of
the greenhouses of the Carpinteria Valley. For more information on the tour, please call
(831) 274-4008 or visit“>


Kathleen Williford Carpinteria Greenhouse & Nursery Tour (831)274-4008

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