Santa Barbara Summer Solstice

SANTA BARBARA — Released April 14, 2015 — Each year, there is an artistic competition for the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice T-shirt and poster design that is sold as a fundraising vehicle for the festival celebrating the longest day of the year. And this year’s winner is a joint effort between local artists Stacie Bouffard and Pali-X-Mano.” alt=”“>
The information about the open-to-the-public design competition is available on the Solstice website once the theme is picked in October. Entries are due in January, and winner is selected by the Solstice Board of Directors in February. This year’s collaborative creation happened after the Board liked two pieces of artwork. Hence, the design features the galaxy background from Stacie’s artwork with an extra terrestrial figure from Pali’s piece.

A little information on the artists: Stacie Bouffard, Solstice Board President, works in a variety of mediums including assemblage, collage, abstract painting, and of course Solstice floats and ensembles. She joined the Solstice team of artists in 2004.

Pali-X-Mano, a graduate of the Hungarian Academy of Art & Design, is a Solstice Artist in Residence. Since 1990, Pali has been an integral part of Solstice, and this is his seventh winning design. He’s also created 28 of the large inflatable creations that traditionally close the Solstice parade.

The winning design perfectly illustrates the parade’s theme which is Sci Fi. “Science fiction has long inspired artists, authors, comics, and filmmakers. Just consider writers Jules Verne, Robert Heinlein, and H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine,” says Solstice Executive Director Claudia Bratton. “Sci Fi is certainly a timely subject now. Look at the popularity of such movies as Divergent, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hunger Games, Transformers, and the continuing success of sequels and remakes like Mad Max, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Star Trek, and X-Men.”

Says Bratton, “A good parade theme is key, and everyone should picture something in their mind when they hear it. Sci Fi offers worlds of possibilities.” Like 2014’s theme Games, Sci Fi gives ample inspiration for fun floats, masks, and costumes. Think aliens, androids, avatars, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, the Jetsons, Superman, Princess Leia, Mork from Ork, Captain Kirk, Iron Man, E.T., Blade Runner, Men in Black, and the Matrix.

The Sci Fi poster ($20 unsigned and $25 signed) and T-shirts will debut at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival in Alameda Park on Saturday and Sunday, April 18 and 19, from 11am to 6pm. Visit the Solstice booth (#365) which will offer mask making for kids and information about upcoming events including Solstice workshops.

For adults, there are 100% cotton Ts in black with the design on the front, unisex sizes S-3XL, for $20. There are also black tanks, sizes S-2XL, for $20. The children’s shirt is black with the design on the front, sizes XS-L, $15. Or visit the online store at

At the parade starting at high noon on Saturday, June 20, don’t let the “Pass the Hat” float pass you by. Contributions provide much-needed funds to support the community’s Solstice Parade & Festival, a non-profit organization. Throw a dollar (or more!) into the giant hat, so that the Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration can live long and prosper.


Santa Barbara Summer Solstice

2015 Poster Unveiled

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