Dressage Comes to Los Aalamos


The Santa Barbara County Chapter of the California Dressage Society will be hosting a two-day show on August 15-16 at High Star Farm in Los Alamos. Spectators are welcome to come and watch horses and riders perform the classical dressage movements in various “tests” that range from Introductory to Grand Prix.

Dressage is a French word meaning, simply, “training.” The goal of dressage is to develop the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to work while making him calm, supple, and attentive to the rider.

The roots of dressage can be traced as far back as Ancient Greece, where soldiers trained their horses for use in the military. These riders needed mounts that were extremely sensitive to the rider’s aids, as effective communication between rider and horse was often a matter of life or death. The classical traditions of dressage training defined by Xenophon in “The Art of Horsemanship” were developed through the centuries, and were prized both by those who saw in dressage the highest form of equestrian art and by modern cavalries, which continued to train military horses in dressage as late as the 1940s.

The judge for this show is Hilda Gurney, who, among her many other accomplishments, won a team bronze medal riding her thoroughbred Keen at the 1976 Olympics, held in Montreal.

Riders as well as spectators are encouraged to attend the show. Admission is free for spectators, and food will be available on the grounds.

For more information about the show, a premium, with complete information, is available at the Santa Barbara County Chapter of the California Dressage Society’s website:

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