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Comedian Karen Love Lee Talks with Get Conscious Now!

Santa Barbara, CA, August 20, 2015 — Karen Love Lee, Consciousness Coach, Comedian & Transformational Speaker, is a guest on Get Conscious Now!, an hour-long TV show aired on your local community media TV station.

As a survivor of depression since a child, Karen was suicidal until awakened by the death of her youngest sister and her own suicide attempt. She is now dedicated to Empowering Humanity by Elevating Consciousness Through Evolution & Entertainment. As she self-describes her path, she went from suicide to self-evolution to stand-up comedy

I liberate humanity through fun into TransforMAGIC!” shares Karen. “My vision is to redesign the default survival mechanism of the human brain in order to create the innate Super Consciousness. With that, I ignite peoples’ passions to go for their DREAMS by telling them how I do it. Then I practice what I speak. I fail by experience; figure it out; transform it; and then teach it while never stop learning as I go ,” she continues. “In order to be with the love of your life, you must be the love OF your life first.”

Learn how to override fear, gain clarity, align your subconscious and conscious minds and connect with high vibrational levels from the pure, unadulterated Source in order to become a miracle magnet. Most of all, enjoy laughing along the way.

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Get Conscious Now! is a nationally syndicated television talk show that is dedicated to making a global impact to build a better world by raising consciousness. Our Mission is to explore the true nature of our physical reality and it’s practical implications for living a more mindful and enjoyable life. It received the 2014 Wave Award from the Alliance For Community Media Western States Region for the “Spiritual / Inspirational” category. In addition to Santa Barbara, the show continues to expand across the nation in 12 other markets and growing, and has over 80,000 views on YouTube. Past interviews include celebrity Deepak Chopra, Agape International Spiritual Center founder Michael Beckwith, local founder of Earthkeepers, Adam C. Hall, Rinaldo Brutuco, the Founder of the World Business Academy, Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer, Barbara Fields of Global New Thought, Deepak Chari from the Chari Center for Health and others. Viewing of all episodes is available at


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