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For Immediate Release: Martial Arts Family Fitness Takes on Drought and Recycling Inbox x

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Aug. 25, 2015 – Martial Arts Family Fitness (MAFF), a family-owned and operated school dedicated to improving lives through martial arts, announced today that the school will begin to phase out the sale of bottled water in an effort to do its part in reducing the use of plastic bottles and help in California’s historic drought. Currently the facility sells bottled water at one dollar per bottle, which will be increased to two dollars per bottle on September 1, and will be phased out completely by the end of the year. Currently the fitness and martial arts school sells water to students that provide their own bottle, and will donate all proceeds from the purified water as well as the sale of bottled water to Heal the Ocean.

“Considering that we are in the fourth year of this tremendous drought and water has become our most coveted resource, I am happy to support a charity that has become a model for coastal communities around the country in cleaning up the ocean and developing methods to upgrade and recycle wastewater,” said Melodee Meyer, founder and owner of Martial Arts Family Fitness. “I believe in their philosophy: It’s simple: The ocean can no longer be used as a dump. Heal the Ocean is committed to ending ocean pollution.”

“People need water in their daily lives, and they need to constantly hydrate while exercising,” added David Wheaton, founder and owner of Martial Arts Family Fitness. “As health professionals it is important for us to lead by example, and we have a responsibility to our local community and to our planet. We live in a desert, and water is vital to our existence. We are doing our small part to help with the drought and ocean pollution.”

“It is our responsibility to our fitness and martial arts students to have water available to them, and we will continue to do so,” added Melodee Meyer. “We sought out the best purified water system available and now provide a bottle refill station, supplied by Perfectwater Worldwide. The system produces alkaline, mineralized and anti-oxidant Perfectwater to hydrate our students on a cellular level. Refills are $1 with the proceeds going to Heal the Ocean because they follow a basic premise: instead of lobbying the government for action on ocean-pollution issues, they study the problem and recommend practical solutions. They know that once problems are identified and costs are understood, it is easier to all join together to get the job done!”

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Martial Arts Family Fitness is an award winning school that opened its doors in Santa Barbara in 2002. The Chief Instructor, Grandmaster Dave Wheaton, has trained in martial arts for over 40 years and is a ninth dan in Hapkido, a seventh dan in Taekwondo and is the founder of Hapkido International, an organization that teaches his unique martial arts curriculum of Dynamic Circle Hapkido to many schools across the United States. Martial Arts Family Fitness teaches martial arts and fitness classes to adults and children, specializing in children’s life skills, youth leadership and family fitness. For information on Martial Arts Family Fitness visit or call 805.963.6233.


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