PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MTD & UCSB Partner to Enhance Service on Lines 12x & 24x

The Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) is pleased to announce the
upcoming implementation of the first phase of service enhancements that result from a
partnership between MTD and the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). MTD
and UCSB developed this partnership in response to the San Joaquin student housing
project currently under construction at El Colegio and Storke Road.
Beginning next Monday, August 24, service on MTD Lines 12x and 24x will be enhanced
through this partnership, funded by UCSB. Line 24x will now run more frequently until
approximately 11:00 P.M. every day year-round, and Line 12x will operate later on
In August 2016, as the second and final phase of this partnership, MTD will implement a
new route operating on El Colegio and Storke Road between UCSB, Isla Vista, and the
Camino Real Marketplace, also funded by UCSB.
MTD Board Chair Dave Davis commented “MTD and UCSB have had a long and
productive partnership, and this agreement continues that tradition and brings it to a new
level.” MTD General Manager Jerry Estrada agreed, and added “MTD is greatly
appreciative of UCSB’s willingness to address the impacts of their growth on MTD’s
transit service.”
Marc Fisher, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services for UCSB, added “In addition to
an increase in student ridership of the bus, we’ve also seen a drop in the number of cars
on campus. We believe students aren’t bringing as many cars to the community and we
think that’s in large part because of the success of transit in Santa Barbara. And because
we believe in it so strongly, we’ve worked with MTD to expand service on Line 24x and
next fall, in 2016, UCSB will sponsor a new bus line to run between the center of campus
and the Camino Real Marketplace.”

MTD and UCSB look forward to continuing to partner to ensure that MTD’s public transit
service meets the growing needs of Santa Barbara South Coast residents and visitors.


Steve Maas
Manager of Government Relations & Compliance
(805) 963-3364 ext. 227

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