Santa Barbara Urgent Care & Wellness Clinic Expands Services with New Medical Director

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – August 27, 2015 – Zugan Health™, a progressive urgent care clinic and wellness provider, has named Alex Torres, MD, as medical director of its clinic, headquartered in Santa Barbara. Dr. Torres brings to the clinic more than 20 years of sports medicine experience along with more than 15 years practicing family, occupational, urgent care and integrative medicine.

Dr. Torres’ diverse background enables him to address a wide range of patient needs, from common ailments – like respiratory or gastrointestinal problems – to physical activity-related injuries. In addition, he has experience with wellness-related treatments, including nutrition and hydration therapies. He spent 20 years serving as the team physician for the USA Volleyball National Teams including appointments at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 and the 2008 World Volleyball Championship. He is board certified in the following disciplines: integrative, holistic, functional regenerative, preventative, nutrition, anti-aging and sports medicine.

“Dr. Torres is a tremendous resource for our patients whether they come into the clinic for an injury, need a virtual consultation because they are sick, or want to discuss preventative care and wellness treatments,” said Maggie Lacy, chief executive officer and co-founder of Zugan Health. “He personifies the Zugan Health approach by progressively combining tenets of acute care and wellness care to address patient health holistically.”

As medical director, Dr. Torres will direct Zugan Health’s overall operations, which include treating patients in the clinic, at home or work through Zugan’s mobile care services unit, and through scheduled “telehealth” video consultations. He will also be developing preventive health and wellness care services to complement and expand Zugan’s current offerings in hydration and nutrition therapy.

“Consumers today expect more from their healthcare provider in terms of access to care as well as the quality of the experience and outcome,” said Lacy. “With Dr. Torres’ expertise, Zugan Health can continue our commitment to deliver better care that’s convenient and accessible. The clinic will be an ongoing resource to patients who want support in achieving higher levels of health and wellness.”

Prior to joining Zugan Health, Dr. Torres served the Center for New Medicine in Irvine, Calif., as an anti-aging, sports and integrative medicine physician as well as the Harden Urgent Care Clinic in Salinas, Calif., as an urgent care physician. In 2013, he was a family and integrative medicine physician with Ryan Ranch Medical Group in Monterey, Calif. Prior to that, he served as medical director of Osceola Health and Wellness Center in Kissimmee, Fla., from 2010-2011.

About Zugan Health

Zugan Health provides urgent care and wellness services that is accessible to patients anytime, anyplace. Zugan focuses on addressing the health of patients holistically rather than specific only to an injury or illness within an environment that is conducive to rest and recovery. The clinic’s healthcare options are tailored to the lifestyles, schedules and demands of consumers by offering clinic appointments, house calls and video calls. In addition, Zugan Health offers preventative health and wellness services such as hydration therapy and vitamin shots. Whether a busy professional, stay-at-home parent, student, traveler or an individual in need of healthcare, Zugan has the services and convenience to fit. Your time, anytime, it’s all about you.


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