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We Are the World

SANTA BARBARA, CA (November 18, 2015) – Santa Barbara production studio Viva Design Inc. today launched their global Kickstarter campaign to raise funds, bring about cultural awareness, and teach global tolerance among our next generation. “We Are the World: From Australia to Zambia” is a fun, informative, and interactive web/tv series aimed at 7-12 year olds.

We Are the World brings to fruition the long-term vision of Creative Director Ulrike Kerber to utilize her production skills, not only to entertain viewers, but to educate and connect the next generation. We Are the World is hosted by Kerber’s two children: Daughter Cosimo, a sassy 9-year-old (adopted from Ethiopia) and Niko, a curious 7-year-old.

“The recent tragedy in Paris only fuels our passion to see this series thrive,” commented Kerber. “Paris has served as a harsh reminder that we need greater tolerance and understanding in this world – and that starts with our younger generations.”

Early Education expert, Dr. Kelly Lake, supported Kerber’s vision saying, “Letters, numbers and colors are everywhere in education, but it’s the ideas about who we are as people, how are we similar, and how are we different that provoke curiosity. We live in a global world and it’s really important for kids to understand this so they can function and contribute to the world as they are adults.”

Each show is 3 minutes in duration and combines live action, animation, interviews, and Skype conversations between children from diverse countries across the planet. Supplementary content includes full-length recorded Skype interviews. The series connects children as they learn about each other’s lives, and quite often they discover they are not that different. Instead of a world of division, they see a world of connection.

The campaign goal is $15,000 to complete the first 3 pilot episodes. Funding has already been secured for Mongolia, with Ethiopia and Australia next in line. The broader goal is to leverage larger sponsorships and partnerships to complete all 26 letters of the alphabet and secure distribution. You can learn more about the campaign and reward levels at

Ulrike Kerber, Principal and Creative Director at Viva Design Inc., has more than 20 years of experience in developing television content. Viva’s clients include: Nickelodeon, Sprout, Disney, Sundance TV, E!, and more.

Grant Moran, 2015 Emmy winner for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Series, is the Executive Director and will oversee the writing of the shows. Viva Design Inc. is also working with a deeply experienced team around the globe. If you are interested in supporting this project at a higher level, you can contact the studio directly at

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