Re-enactment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

The Rotary Club of Montecito California generously participated, in The 20th Anniversary of the Village 4th of July, Montecito, California. Four Rotary members portrayed our Founding Fathers: Conner Rehage (John Hancock); President Marc Fleischman (Thomas Jefferson); Harlan Green (Benjamin Franklin) and John Glanville (John Adams). They re-inacted the signing of the Declaration of Independence, making history come alive, for children attending the event. 3000 people were in attendance, learning about Rotary Club and it’s service to the local community and the world. Alicia St. John, Chairman of the Village 4th of July, and new member of Rotary International, gave her heartfelt thanks to the men of Rotary for their devotion to Montecito’s longstanding tradition, of the Village 4th of July.

Also on loan from Santa Barbara’s 76 Foundation were 50 Irish Drummers, visiting from Dublin, Ireland, The Dublin All Stars Marching Band. Paul Lamberton, Director of the Spirit of ‘76 Foundation, made the connection to Alicia St. John, Chairman of the Village 4th of July, creating an amazing cross-cultural opportunity. Gary Smith, the music director from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and singer for the Los Angeles Lakers, sang the National Anthem. Rooster Siple’s Dixie-land Jazz Band set the mood for Montecito’s nostalgic parade and fete, that is the heart of Americana. The Village 4th of July could not have been more beautiful. Please enjoy these photos…

Montecito’s Village 4th of July gives our community, and especially Montecito’s children, the opportunity to experience Independence Day the way it was, heart-warming, neighborly and patriotic. The event involves the whole community in a fun, local celebration that brings together our families and friends. The Village 4th of July is sponsored by the Montecito Association, the Montecito Community Foundation and Sponsors like you!”


Alicia St. John
20th Anniversary
The Village 4th of July

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