Central Coast Taxpayers Association

The Board of Directors of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association (CCTA) voted to
endorse and join the Defend Prop 13 Coalition. President Jordan Cunningham
stated “this is a grassroots coalition coming together from across California to defeat
Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA-5), a split roll property tax proposal. This
is just another effort by the State Legislature to undermine and dismantle
Proposition 13 by establishing a costly split roll tax and raising commercial taxes
on businesses, hurting mostly small business owners throughout the state, and on
the Central Coast.”
“The Defend Prop 13 Coalition has already received support from over two dozen
regional chambers of commerce, the California Business Roundtable, CalChamber,
NFIB, California Taxpayers Association, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and
California Business Properties Association. All recognize that California is already
one of the highest taxed states in the nation with an $8 billion surplus in this
budget year, but rather than passing reforms that will grow jobs for Californians
and that will increase revenues for education and state services, the Legislature
is  proposing yet another tax on California businesses. SCA-5 will have a
devastating impact on the state’s business climate.”
Cunningham continued by saying “the Central Coast Taxpayers Association will
help vigorously fight any effort to gut Prop 13 that protects taxpayers, jobs and the


Jordan Cunningham 805-748-9410

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