California Rents Growing at Twice the National Average

California rent growth has outpaced the rest of the nation every month for the last year. Here are some other highlights from our report:
California rents are growing nearly twice as quickly as the national average. Same unit rents have increased 5.4% over the last year compared to 2.7% nationwide, based on 2 bedroom units.
Unsurprisingly, San Francisco is the most expensive city in the nation, with a 2BR rental price of $4,600 - that’s nearly 3.8X the national average!
Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, and Palo Alto each also have a median 2BR rent price of $3,700 or higher.
The full report contains rental price data for almost 100 cities so click through to find the information most relevant to you and your audience.

You can find more of our analysis of rental price data and trends on our Rentonomics blog.

Our data comes from the several hundred thousand listings we have on our site, and we are really excited to get it into the hands of respected journalists who can share it with America’s 100+ million renters. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


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