Safe Driving Tips

SANTA BARBARA, Ca. July 20, 2015 – About 50,000 people die in automobile accidents each year in the United States. Another 22 million are injured. Almost all collisions are preventable. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department would like to share these safe driving tips that you might find Before driving a car, do a simple safety check. Check lights, tires, and overall condition of the car.
When you get into the car, adjust mirrors and seats to improve your visibility while driving. Always fasten your seatbelt and make sure that others riding in the vehicle with you have their seatbelt fastened.
Always come to a complete stop at stop signs or stop lights.
When the light turns green, look in both directions to make sure traffic is clear prior to proceeding.
While driving, keep your eyes moving. Check your mirrors every 6-8 seconds.
Expect other drivers to make mistakes. Anticipate what you would do to avoid a collision.
Every time that you refuel your car, check the car’s oil and fluid levels and look for leaks.
When traveling behind other vehicles, allow at least a 4 second space between your vehicles.
Don’t talk or text on a cell phone while driving.
When being approached by an emergency vehicle, pull to the right and stop.
Remember, as your speed increases, so does your braking distance. If you double your speed, you quadruple your braking distance.
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department hopes that these safe driving tips will help you be a safer driver and avoid unnecessary collisions.
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