Assessing the Health of our Community

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is initiating a comprehensive health assessment of our community. The purpose of the assessment is to understand the current health needs of residents in Santa Barbara County and to help identify where and how we can improve the health of our community. The assessment includes a review of various sources of data along with a survey of County residents. We want to hear from everyone in our community!
The Community Health Assessment includes a personal survey component. The short survey asks about personal health and wellness as well as priorities to improve health. Individual responses from Santa Barbara County residents will add vital information to our new assessment. Please complete an electronic version of the survey at: (“>English) and (“>Spanish).
Hard copies of the surveys will be circulated at specific events where we can capture the voices of the community who may not have access to electronic surveys.
Historically, every 2-3 years a Community Health Status Report has been developed by the Public Health Department to evaluate the health needs of our community and assess the services available to our residents. Historically information from a variety of demographic, epidemiological and community sources have been gathered to develop a comprehensive picture of areas of strength and areas for improvement. Collecting data and analyzing trends gives us a better understanding of where we are and how we, as a community and as the Public Health Department, should focus our attention and resources.
“3-4-50” was a concept that was initially cited in our 2014 assessment impacting the quality of life and premature death in Santa Barbara. Three behaviors (poor diet, physical inactivity and tobacco use) contribute to four chronic diseases (vascular disease, cancer, lung disease and Type 2 diabetes) causing over 50 percent of all deaths worldwide. Local data support the 3-4-50 model here in Santa Barbara County.
We anticipate that the 2016 Community Health Assessment will be available after March of 2016.
The assessment for 2016 will include the compiled profiles from; personal surveys, updated reports and data. Input from colleagues in the community, including area hospitals, medical clinics, and social services will help bring perspective to the data. We will continue to work on policies and services that will protect the public’s health and support long and healthy lives of everyone in our community.


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