Santa Barbara makes list of cheapest cities for car insurance in CA

California is an expensive place to live but many residents are lucky enough to save money when it comes to car insurance premiums. NerdWallet, a personal finance site, crunched the numbers to see where Californians pay the most and least for car insurance. Santa Barbara came in 10th on our list of the least expensive cities for car insurance, with an average annual premium of $890.65. This is 13.5% lower than the state average. Here are a few other key findings:

Santa Barbra has a low vehicular theft rate (1.48 thefts per 1,000 people); although there is not a direct correlation in all cases, many cities with low theft rates tend to have lower car insurance premiums
Unlike the most expensive cities for car insurance (most of which are clustered in Los Angeles County), the cheapest cities for car insurance are all over the state

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