Garden Street Academy

Santa Barbara, CA

Garden Street Academy, a non-profit K-12 independent school located in Santa Barbara, will unveil a 14 foot high sculpture designed and created by students in the High School Sculpture class, Friday March 6 at 9:30am in front of the whole school.

Entitled ‘Reverse Entropy’, the giant art piece is made from cardboard, Tyvek tape, liquid nails, polyurethane and exterior paint, measuring 14’ X 12’ X 9’. Eleven sculpture students at Garden Street Academy have been absorbed in the process of designing, fabricating, and sealing this planar mega-form.

The sculpture silently commands the space between classrooms with its seemingly precarious balance. Intentionally shackled to the ground to keep its estimated 2-300 pounds of cardboard in a controlled fall, ‘Reverse Entropy’ explores the aspects of ephemera sculpture by participating with the deteriorative processes of the elements while documenting the decay via time-lapse photography.1 From concept to completion, this project aims at consciously sculpting with repurposed materials and supporting students in creative collaboration.

1 — The sculpture is presently photographed once every minute resulting in a 30 second video every day. A final video will be compiled, taking one still from everyday for an entire year at which point the sculpture will be removed.


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