Help the Santa Barbara – Ventura Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders bring clean water to 600 Maasai in Olmoti, Tanzania.

Engineers Without Borders USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects. Here at the Santa Barbara Ventura Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, we’ve found an opportunity to serve a community of Maasai in Tanzania - and we need your help.
The Maasai are an ethnic community native to southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The village of Elerai-Olmoti in Tanzania is home to 600 Maasai and the nearest source of clean water was historically 6-10 miles away until recently when a new access point was added just 3 miles away. The women of the village, some of them nearly 70 years old, walk this distance to the closest water source and carry over 40 pounds of water on their back. These constant trips cause neck and back issues and diminishes the productivity of the women in their home. In addition, children in the community are susceptible to illness by drinking water from nearby open pit wells and by decreased hygiene from lack of sufficient water.

The Magadini Makiwaru Water Supply (MMWS) is a Tanzanian NGO that manages a reliable water source in the adjacent Hai District. MMWS was founded by the German government and therefore adheres to strict standards of water quality and construction. The MMWS continues to function as originally founded and is maintained by professionally trained staff of technicians and engineers.

To bring clean water directly to the 600 Maasai of Elerai-Olmoti, the engineers from EWB SBV have designed a 3 mile pipeline to convey clean water to the Maasai. The pipeline will include six public taps and three storage tanks and will provide 26 liters per person per day of clean, reliable water to each Maasai. We have traveled to Tanzania to establish a trusting relationship with the Maasai and their leaders. We have identified the most practical path for the pipeline and we have obtained formal consent from the Maasai to build the pipeline. The Maasai villagers also donated over $1,500 USD in cash, cows, and goats to the project! They told us that they are “eager” to begin the project immediately. Once the pipeline is constructed, the new pipeline and storage tanks will be maintained by the highly trained MMWS staff and community members.
We now need your help to build the pipeline, tanks, and taps.

The cost to build and install the water pipeline and storage system is $1.50 per foot of pipe, so we need $20,000 to complete our task. Through our social media outlets (, we will provide constant updates on our progress.
Please go to our indiegogo page to donate to our efforts.
Our engineers have provided the professional expertise, and our volunteers will travel to Tanzania in May and June of 2015 to assist in the construction of the pipeline, tanks and taps. All donations are first and foremost used to cover the costs of the materials - concrete, piping, rebar, tools, etc. Any remaining funds will be used to help our engineers cover their travel costs.
Since EWB-USA is a 501 (c)(3) organization, your donation is tax-deductible. You will receive a donation slip via email within a week after you donate.
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