Trampoline and Tumbling State Championship Results - Santa Barbara Gymnastics Club Takes 13 Gold Medals!

It is highly unusual for any one athlete to sweep all their events at a trampoline and tumbling (T&T) competition. But that happened last weekend when the youngest member of the Santa Barbara Gymnastics Club trampoline team, seven-year-old Aleiya Bagaw, swept all three of her events - trampoline, double mini-trampoline, and power tumbling - at the T&T State Championships in Bakersfield. Adding two “State Champion” titles to their credentials were Sam Sarmiento - first on trampoline and synchronized trampoline, second on double mini-trampoline, and third on tumbling; and Kira Johns, who won double mini-trampoline and tumbling, and placed fifth on trampoline. Grace Gau and Justin Souza each won double mini-trampoline in their divisions, and each placed second on trampoline. Both Matthew Reali and Sam Seiden won double mini-trampoline in their divisions, and each took third on tumbling, and fourth on trampoline. Ryan Souza and Catarina Pallanck each took gold in their divisions in tumbling. Ryan also took third on double mini-trampoline, and fourth on trampoline.

Rounding out the medal count with top-ten finishes at the State Championships were Eliana Bohn, who took third on double mini-trampoline, sixth on tumbling, and seventh on trampoline; Acelyn Sutton, who took third on double mini-trampoline and eighth on trampoline;
Pallanck with a ninth place finish on double mini-trampoline; Jenna Kass, sixth on trampoline and tenth on tumbling; and Jem Sarmiento, ninth on both trampoline and double mini-trampoline.

All of the Santa Barbara Gymnastics Club T&T competitive team athletes have now qualified to the Regional Championships, which will be held in Chandler, Arizona from May 15-17. Their culminating meet of the season will be their respective National Championships, with the higher-level optional athletes competing in Greensboro, North Carolina in June, and the compulsory-level athletes’ meet taking place in Fort Worth, Texas in July.

T&T events are now included in both the Olympics and World Championships. For additional information about the sport, or to sign up for a free trial class, call Santa Barbara Gymnastics Club at (805) 683-1724.


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