Call to Action: Chamber Rallies Support for Coastal Commission Permit

GOLETA, CA – On May 13th, the California Coastal Commission will consider the County of Santa Barbara’s permit application to keep the rock revetment at Goleta Beach County Park in place.

The Chamber joins the County of Santa Barbara, The City of Goleta, The Sierra Club, Friends of Goleta Beach, The Chamber of the Santa Barbara Region, Santa Barbara County Parks and many others to show community support for the County’s award winning Environmental Impact Report that shows the structure has helped the beach withstand storms while also allowing for natural movement of sand up and down the coast.

The public has spent at least 10 years studying and participating in research on Goleta Beach Park. After a 5-0 vote from the County Supervisors, the final vote is in the hands of the California Coastal Commission. The Chamber is pleased that the Coastal Commission staff agrees with the solid scientific evidence and a thorough environmental review which shows the current rock revetments create the best chance to protect the park and the free coastal access.

“Goleta Beach Park is a vitally important place in our community and we all want to make sure it remains a beautiful place that is easily accessible by the community. We all worked a long time to find a solution for preventing severe erosion during winter storms that is also environmentally sound. It turns out there is widespread agreement that the buried rock revetment that is currently in place is the best solution.” Kristen Miller, President/CEO Goleta Chamber of Commerce.

“The City has been working with the Friends of Goleta Beach committee for many years and we are gratified that we can stand together with the County and other community groups to support this permit to protect Goleta Beach.” Michael Bennett, City Council, City of Goleta.

This item will be on the agenda in the afternoon of May 13th. Please join the Chamber on May 13th for a pre-reception from 1-5 pm at the Santa Barbara Club (1105 Chapala St, Santa Barbara). We will have the meeting live streaming to watch for the agenda item and go together to the hearing. Refreshments will be provided.

The Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce (GVCoC) is a business-oriented membership organization founded in 1947. The mission is to create a strong local economy, promote the community, provide business resources and networking opportunities, represent business to government and support pro-business candidates.


Kristen Miller, President & CEO
Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce

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