Five women, a stolen African statue, and a missionary walk into an old house in Detroit… Join them as they explore the magical power of family and laughter that rises from the rubble of a forgotten house in Ellen Anderson’s storied, and much loved, hometown of Detroit. Directed by Rena Heinrich, and produced by Dramatic Women’s executive producer Vickie Scott, IN THE FOREST OF DETROIT debuts at Center Stage Theater from May 15-23, 2015.

As a director, Heinrich has explored complex questions of identity in plays that illuminate diverse cultural subjects: the courage of the Japanese Hiroshima maidens, the war-torn mentality of the Lao diaspora, and the agency of the Latina quinceañera. In Anderson’s new play Heinrich explores white privilege and emotional ownership of the primarily black city of Detroit.

BEDTIME IN DETROIT, Anderson’s first love-letter to Detroit was awarded a SB INDY, as well as her other scripts, BARBED WIRE UNDER YOUR ARMPITS, AND BEDTIME IN MONTECITO. Her 18 plays have been produced in NYC, San Francisco, Portland, Washington D.C. and Santa Barbara.

Shannon Noel and Stacie Burrows of MOMMY TONK join Dramatic Women on stage for the first time. In June & July they fly off on their “50 Shades of Don’t Grope Me in the Kitchen Before 8am” Summer Tour.

Dramatic Women was founded in 1993 to explore and promote the participation of women in all areas of the theater and to produce original scripts by locally-based writers. In the many years that followed we have produced the work of 30 playwrights, 21 of them women, and 31 directors, 22 of them women.

Center Stage Theater, Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara
May 15-16 and May 21-23 at 8:00pm
$23 general, $18 students
Tickets at 963-0408 or www.centerstagetheater.cor


Angelica Diaz
(831) 915-3513

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