West Coast Vascular Encourages Santa Barbara County Residents to Take Care of Their Legs

(Santa Barbara) – Eight to 12 million Americans are at risk for peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.). This vascular disease can lead to the loss of a leg.
According to estimates by the United States National Institutes of Health, five percent of Americans over the age of 50 have P.A.D.
To get a leg up on the matter, West Coast Vascular is holding FREE P.A.D. screening by appointment only on June 10th at our Santa Barbara office located at 2323 Oak Park Lane, Suite 102 and June 12th at our Lompoc office located at 1111 East Ocean Avenue, Suite 3.
“Most people are unaware of P.A.D.,” said Dr. C. Shawn Skillern, Board Certified Vascular Surgeon of West Coast Vascular. “There are very few symptoms in the early stages of P.A.D. Later, there may be discomfort or pain in the legs when walking.”
Because of the lack of symptoms, it’s important to receive P.A.D. testing for persons who:
· Are age 50 or older, particularly males
· Experience hypertension (high blood pressure)
· Have diabetes
· Smoke
· Have high cholesterol
· Are obese
· Do not exercise
· Have a family history of vascular problems.
Healthy peripheral arteries are smooth and unobstructed. With age, plaque - a sticky substance made up mostly of fat and cholesterol – builds up in arteries and narrows the passageway. If left untreated, P.A.D. can cause:
· Pain or aching in the legs
· Difficulty walking
· Resting pain in the foot at night while in bed
· Non-healing sores or infections in the toes or feet
· Limb loss.
“In addition to these serious arterial conditions, persons with P.A.D. are more likely to suffer heart attacks and stroke,” said Dr. Skillern. “Maintaining good vascular health is a matter of life and limb.”
The diagnosis of P.A.D. can be established and its severity confirmed by a simple,
non-invasive Doppler examination. Depending on the severity of the condition, treatment options may include lifestyle changes, medications, minimally invasive angioplasty/stenting, or open bypass surgery. Vascular surgeons are experts in all vascular treatment options.
To schedule your FREE P.A.D. screening at our Santa Barbara or Lompoc office call (805) 643-3330. To learn more about P.A.D. and other vascular diseases, visit
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West Coast Vascular provides the most progressive, cutting edge vascular treatments available today in the convenience and comfort of their offices. Dr. C. Shawn Skillern, Dr. Li Sheng Kong, Dr. Sydney S. Guo and Dr. Edward N. Li, are board certified physicians, whose training has been solely focused on venous and vascular disease, ensuring that the treatment is tailored to each individual patient’s needs.


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