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Startup Changes New Product Intro With Crowdfunding Campaigns

anta Barbara, CA - A small team of Santa Barbara tech-savvy entrepreneurs are developing a new business model that is changing the way new products are introduced to the market. The company, called Charge Mobi, recognizes the interest that venture capital firms and angel investors have in vetting new tech devices with successful crowdfunding campaigns, and has come up with a unique method of exploiting this process. They call it ‘Crowd Check.’ Rather than inventing new products, Charge Mobi reviews, modifies and improves upon devices that have been featured on successful crowdfunding campaigns. No single company has validated this business model more than Apple, a blockbuster success story that goes from hit product to hit product by further refining and perfecting devices the market has already embraced. Obviously there were lots of other phones, tablets and music players before Apple came up with the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes, but rather than reinvent the wheel, they built upon the market success of products that have already been accepted.

Crowdfunding Campaign

An example is Charge Mobi’s latest crowdfunding project featuring a portable phone charger called the JumperCard. About the size of a credit card, the device bills itself as the “Swiss Army Knife for phones” because of its multiple features and small size. Unique among portable chargers, the Jumper Card includes fold-out charging cables, asynchronous data transfer, SD card data-storage and its own onboard battery. New features include the ‘Jumper Shot,’ a button which lets users take selfie pictures with their smart phone remotely, a ‘sync switch’ that transfers photos from their phone to their PC, increased battery capacity and multiple power status indicators. Draft of the JumperCard campaign here:

Crowd Checking a Product’s Appeal

A Crowdfunding campaign is the perfect way to test the market and validate the appeal of a new product,” says Earl Brown, Charge Mobi’s ‘Chief of Stuff.’ “The feedback from backers is as authentic as it gets. Tech-savvy prospects are interested in the latest technology, but will let Project Leaders know right away if something isn’t right or the dream doesn’t meet reality.”

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Specializing in Portable Power

We specialize in portable power because it’s a universal problem with an international market.”, says Brown. “Batteries can’t keep pace with mobile technology and the demand for power increases with every new device. The banker in Zurich and the Uber driver in Toyko both need an occasional juice-boost, and being able to carry a couple of hours of extra talk time in your wallet appeals to everyone.

Modern tech devices deliver great lifestyle benefits, but these futuristic gadgets all have one thing in common - their insatiable demand for power.” says Brown.

Future Projects

Charge Mobi has a full slate of projects they are readying for the Crowd Check treatment. In the pipeline are several campaigns, including one they call the J-Key, a phone-to-phone connector that “transfers power from your buddy’s phone,” the Jumper Pod, a solar powered charger that fits on a keychain, and the SyncCharge, a hot charger that powers up smart phones and device batteries twice as fast.

We’re glad to be part of the Santa Barbara tech scene and look forward to working with local entrepreneurs. We have Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach - why not Silicon Coast?” asks Brown.

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The Jumper Card campaign is set to launch in January 2016 on the popular IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform. The company plans on funding their own growth by raising expansion capital with equity crowdfunding, the newest form of crowdfunding just approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under Title IV of President Obama’s JOBS Act.

Entrepreneurs or investors interested in more information are invited to visit a draft of the Charge Mobi crowdfunding campaign at or send an e-mail to Earl Brown at


entrepreneurs or investors interested in more information are invited to visit a draft of the Charge Mobi crowdfunding campaign at or send an e-mail to Earl Brown at

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