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Santa Barbara’s Trikke Tech Unleashes Freedom, the Sweetest Electric Bike Ever

Santa Barbara, CA, November 11, 2015 – Santa Barbara based Trikke Tech, makers of three-wheel carving vehicles, today announced the launch of an inaugural Indiegogo campaign for Freedom, a three-wheel electric bike, which has the right stuff to be the urban “car” of the future.

“I have a passion for the ride,” said Gildo Beleski, Trikke founder and chief designer. “I believe we are on the cusp of a new era dominated by innovative, light personal vehicles — and Freedom is the first of this new breed.”

Carry it, cargo it, carve it: Freedom, a lithium-powered, three-wheel standup bike and the newest entry to the rapidly growing electric bike market, was conceptualized and built in Santa Barbara County by Beleski and his team.

“Freedom is our dream to change the game for the e-Bike market,” said John Simpson, Trikke co-founder. “The streamlined style and modular design provides a new lease on urban transportation and redefines the sheer joy of riding an electric vehicle.”

Trikke day-to-day operations including research and development, vehicle assembly, marketing, customer service and technical support are carried out at Trikke headquarters in Buellton, while sales are conducted from Buellton and Trikke’s Carpinteria office. It’s not an uncommon sight to see Beleski or Simpson cruising around town on one of their patented e-Bikes.

“We are serious about clean, personal mobility,” said Simpson. “Plus, with Freedom you get so much more: portability, affordability, unprecedented stability, and it’s just so fun to ride.”

Freedom’s small footprint is a timely alternative solution for everyone wanting clean, fun mobility for short commutes, running errands, going to lunch, shopping, or just getting out for a breath of fresh air and a bit of exercise. Freedom e-Bike lets you get around town easily while treading lightly on Mother Earth.

Developing three-wheel carving bikes since 2000, with already 500,000 Trikke carving vehicles sold, the team at Trikke is fueled by the passion of Beleski and Simpson who both aspire to put an e-Bike in every home. Freedom offers an unprecedented solution to the woes of modern transportation bundled in a high-tech, fun and utilitarian adventure e-Bike.

Beleski’s background in engineering and industrial design paired with his passion for car racing led him to outfit Freedom with advanced features to equal the best performance in the e-Bike market. “I’m inspired by the auto industry’s achievements, and I believe in a new era dominated by smart, light personal vehicles,” he said.

Simpson joined the team following his first Trikke test ride. “Once I rode a Trikke, I realized I had to join the team and promote the Trikke experience. The world needs the Freedom e-Bike — it improves people’s lives and can help make the world a better place now and for the long run.”

The Indiegogo campaign runs November 11 through – December 12, 2015, and for the first time ever, makes Freedom available for as low as $599 to the first 200 that pledge their support. This will be the first under $1000, lithium-powered electric ride like it to hit the market. Santa Barbara County residents are being offered a chance to try the Freedom prototype. Anyone who has signed up for the campaign will be sent an email with the information when it becomes available.

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