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Pacific Pride Foundation reacts to Charlie Sheen’s announcement on a HIV positive status: “Know your status”

Actor Charlie Sheen announced today that he knows his status. Sheen is HIV-positive.
Pacific Pride Foundation is the Central Coast leader in HIV education, prevention and care of those affected by HIV and AIDS.
“Sheen’s statement is a reminder to us all that HIV/AIDS is still around and can affect anyone. HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and testing are still as important as ever. “ says Colette Schabram, Executive Director of Pacific Pride Foundation.
HIV does not discriminate; it knows no race, gender, sexual orientation or social status.
Do you know your status? The CDC estimates that 1 in 8 HIV+ individuals are unaware of their status. An HIV positive individual can sometimes be infected for as long 10 years without experiencing any symptoms. However, the virus remains contagious. Sexually active people can still transmit the disease to their partners even if they have no symptoms. Testing is the only way to know your status.
Free Anonymous Testing is available at Pacific Pride Foundation. HIV testing is simpler than ever with results ready in 20 minutes.
HIV treatment is also a form of prevention. Treatment allows HIV positive individuals to suppress the virus not only improving the patient’s health but can also significantly decrease the rate of transmission. Pacific Pride Foundation’s HIV Medical Case Management program is available to assist HIV positive individuals access and maintain the medical care that they need.
HIV and Hepatitis C testing is available at the following locations and times:
Santa Barbara
126 East Haley Street, Suite A-11
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Wednesdays: 3-7pm
Fridays: 2-5pm
104 South C Street, Unit G (upstairs) Lompoc, CA 93436
Mondays: 1-6pm
Santa Maria
819 W. Church Street Santa Maria, CA 93458
Thursdays 3-6pm
We test Mon-Fri by appointment at our Santa Maria office. Please contact the testing staff at 805-349-9947.
Testing is always free, though donations are always appreciated.
More information about our education, prevention, and testing services can be found on our website at
The mission of Pacific Pride Foundation is: 1) to offer comprehensive health and social services, counseling, care, education and advocacy to anyone at risk for, infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS; and 2) to provide sociocultural services sensitive to the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. For more information, visit

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