School Zone & School Bus Related Traffic Violations

School Zone & School Bus Related Traffic Violations

The safety of our school children remains a top priority of the Santa Barbara Police Department’s Traffic Squad. For this reason, since the start of the school year SBPD traffic officers have been focusing enforcement efforts around our elementary schools and bus stops. At these locations the following traffic violations are being observed on a daily basis:

* 22454(a) VC – Passing a school bus displaying flashing red signals and stop signal arm; $695.00 fine.
* 21950(a) VC – Failure to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian within any marked or unmarked crosswalk; $238.00 fine.
* 22350 VC – Unsafe speed in a 25 MPH school zone; 1-15 MPH over limit, $238.00 fine; 16-25 MPH over limit, $367.00 fine; 26-99 MPH over limit, $490.00 fine.
For traffic enforcement purposes a school zone is considered to be a portion of highway, posted with warning signs, within 500 feet of school grounds, during school hours when children are present. In California the prima facie speed limit in any school zone is 25 MPH.
The fines associated with school related traffic violations can be costly. The Santa Barbara Police Department urges all motorists to slow down, exercise caution, and obey all traffic laws when driving in proximity to schools and school buses.

Sergeant Riley L. Harwood
Santa Barbara Police Department
Community & Media Relations / PIO


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