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County Animal Services hosts Dogs Playing for Life!™ Seminar

Santa Barbara County Animal Services held a three day workshop on the “Dogs Playing for
Life” enrichment program at the Santa Maria Animal Center September 25 through 27th. Animal
Services staff and volunteers, along with representatives from other animal shelters learned the
techniques for establishing play groups for shelter dogs.
Dogs Playing for Life!™ stresses the consideration of the whole animal: physically, emotionally
and behaviorally. The program develops a method for allowing shelter dogs a daily kennel
break by participating in a supervised play group with other shelter dogs. Offering a more
natural environment and comprehensive approach to the care of shelter animals helps
organizations to better assess behavior, maintain healthy behavior, and support better adoption
As the animal welfare industry evolves, our approach to sheltering advances as well,
incorporating new practices and innovations. Sheltering organizations, staff and volunteers, and
animals are clearly benefiting from the newest trends, as is demonstrated by an overall
reduction of euthanasia rates and more open practices.
“I look forward to implementing daily play groups at all three of our community animal shelters
which should prove to be a win-win for people and animals!” said Jan Glick, Animal Services
The workshop featured the founder of the Dogs Playing for Life!™ Program, Aimee Sadler, and
was sponsored by a generous grant from the Animal Farm Foundation in New York. Aimee and
her team presented a comprehensive training on establishment of play groups in a shelter
setting with an emphasis on the concept that “one size does not fit all”.
To quote Aimee Sadler regarding the concept “And to think that these exciting lifesaving
outcomes revolve around something so simple and natural: let dogs be dogs and allow them to play


Susan Klein-Rothschild
Public Information Officer
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Jan Glick, MS
Animal Services Director
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