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Maker Fair at Marymount

When delight and fun combine with discovery and learning, magic happens. On Sunday, October 18th from 10:00 am to noon Marymount of Santa Barbara’s Maker Fair event will take place at Marymount’s campus located at 2130 Mission Ridge Road, offering opportunities for young and old alike to experience the magic of watching their creativity take shape through hands-on fun and learning.

Whether it is witnessing your own design come to life in 3D, working with and seeing DNA for the first time, or experiencing the victory of your robot winning in the ring, Marymount’s Maker Fair, a fair that is unlike traditional school fairs in that maker fairs are specifically designed to celebrate the arts, engineering, science, tinkering, and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset, has opportunities for students to loose themselves in activities that are so much fun, they might not realize they are learning science and developing the 21st Century skills that thought leaders and STEAM educational experts across the country say are critical for young people today.

Although the reasons behind the hands-on activities at the Maker Fair are highly learning-focused and intentional on the part of Marymount STEAM teachers and community partners that include UCSB’s Research Material Lab volunteers, The Bazan Research Group, The Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit Telescope Workshop, Educraft, The Ham Radio Society of Santa Barbara, attendees of Marymount’s Maker Fair will be completely focused in the moment. They will be having fun dueling against parents’, siblings’ and grandparents’ robots, making art, composing music, designing airplanes, racing cars, or completely absorbed in other activities available at activity centers scattered across Marymount’s Riviera campus. Community partners will share their expertise in everything from atomic force microscopes and advanced solar technology to showing participants how to use powerful telescopes or large format printers. The insights and subtle direction provided by teachers and STEAM experts at each activity will guide students to deeper discovery and learning.

To help your child experience the magic that happens when delight and fun mixes with learning come be a part of an event that celebrates the creativity of every student and shows them that they can design, build and problem solve. Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 18th from 10:00 am to noon and join other families like your own at this free event on Marymount’s campus located at 2130 Mission Ridge Road on Santa Barbara’s Riviera.


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