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Local Businesses step up to help the Lompoc Motorsports Project get around!

Local Businesses step up to help the Lompoc Motorsports Project get around! October 19, 2015 - When the Motorsports Project was donated their ‘57 Chevy by Jeff Overeem, the committee was overwhelmed by his generosity. However, it created a logistical situation of moving the vehicle from event to event. When Ron Smith of Smith’s Alarms and Electronics heard of the situation, he took it upon himself to purchase a car hauler for the Motorsports Project. He proceeded to refurbish the trailer for safe use by the committee, but the trailer needed new tires. In stepped Big Brand Tire & Service of Lompoc. When Brad Ellickson of Big Brand Tire & Service became aware of this final piece to refurbishing the trailer, he contacted his superiors and Big Brand Tire & Service stepped up and donated four new tires for the trailer. The committee now has a safe way to transport the ‘57 Bel Air to different events to display it in order to sell raffle tickets. The committee is deeply grateful to both of these community-minded businesses for stepping up when the need arose. Carl Creel went on to say, “When the committee has a need, things seem to fall into place by the goodwill of our local business community. We are so thankful for their support.”

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