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Local New Zealand Importer Honored During Mayor’s Award Ceremony With Employment/Accommodation Award For Commitment To Employees With Disabilities

CARPINTERIA, CA., OCTOBER 12, 2015 – David Noll, the founder and CEO of the family-run Pacific Resources International (PRI; was honored last week with the respected Employment/Accommodation Award during the annual Mayor’s Award Ceremony in Santa Barbara.

The award reflects PRI’s longstanding commitment to the Americans With Disabilities Act and in particular the company’s recent hiring, training and promotion of Cullen Dorais, a young man with Autism who now oversees PRI’s substantial on-site warehouse. In his new position, he handles incoming shipments, tracks packages and handles orders for PRI’s growing range of distributors around the country. He’s also certified to drive a forklift and in fact scored 100% on the online exam.

According to David Noll, “We always look for the abilities people have, not their disabilities. Cullen does an excellent job for us – just excellent,” with the young man adding that being at PRI is “the best feeling in the world. I would rather be working than sitting around and collecting a check. I feel like I’m contributing to the community…”

For some 30 years, David Noll has gone to great lengths to create a happy and morale-building work environment and today the PRI staff includes not only Cullen Dorais and several other valued employees, but David’s son, daughter, son-in-law and other family members.

David Noll’s strong commitment to helping those with disabilities or challenging health issues no doubt stems in part from his survival and birth after his twin was taken in a tubal pregnancy removal. Six months later, David was born but not without problems from medications that his mother had to have during and after the operation. He had no less than 23 different allergies and asthma. Goat’s milk was the only liquid that was acceptable for a food.

After months of antibiotics, David was headed for thick coke bottle type glasses and hearing aids at the age of five. The antibiotics were taking their toll. Thankfully, David’s father Chuck was smart enough to think that there must be something better and soon went on a mission searching for a way to help his son. His investigation led him to a far healthier diet at a time when health food stores were hard to find. In addition, Chuck stared following the advice of early pioneers Carlton Federicks and Adel Davis, who helped show just how the antibiotic merry-go-round could finally stop spinning for David.

With a regular diet regime in place, David’s health began to improve and he was soon off the antibiotics with allergies diminishing as well. By the age of 15, he overcame asthma, sinus headaches and most of the allergies that had plagued him for years. At the age of 21, the travel bug hit and he was off to New Zealand with a guitar in one hand and a surfboard under the other.

Soon after, David met and eventually married a local Kiwi named Linda and began exploring the possibility of bringing the wonders of New Zealand to America. In time, PRI became the first to import Manuka Honey to the States and today the company is the exclusive importer of fine products from such respected New Zealand family brands as Arataki, Nelsons Honey, Mossops Honey, Dominion Salt and more.

In addition to its flagship line of Manuka Honey, PRI is a leading importer of Pacific Sea Salt that’s been harvested from the pristine oceans around New Zealand. Naturally dried, containing no additives, and retaining all of the natural trace elements, PRI’s Pacific Sea Salt is obtained from the energy-efficient method of solar and wind evaporation of sea water. This all-natural, age-old process – only

where clean oceans can be found – retains the key minerals that play a role in keeping the body’s electrolytes in balance for a healthy lifestyle.

As such, sea salt derived from solar evaporation of sea water is completely different from modern, refined salt which is primarily sodium chloride that’s been kiln-dried – a process that involves scorching salt at high temperatures in order to remove moisture and impurities in the ocean water. Unfortunately, it’s also a process that also removes trace minerals as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium salts. The result: a salt that’s been “refined” to within an inch of its life and is instead as far removed from nature as it is damaging to the human body – therefore making a switch to Pacific Sea Salt a natural choice in every sense of the word.

About Pacific Resources International
Sourcing Manuka Honey directly from New Zealand bee keepers since 1989, the Southern California-based Pacific Resources International (PRI) is an exclusive importer of both high quality Pacific Sea Salt and an extensive range of Manuka Honeys and other products from New Zealand. A longstanding supporter of the local community and numerous regional and national charitable causes, PRI sources directly from the primary producers to avoid unnecessary processing and to ensure the highest quality ingredients.

“Nature has been especially kind to New Zealand and it’s with great pride that we continue sharing the natural – as well as the cultural – wonders of this remarkable land with consumers in the United States and beyond,” says PRI Founder and Director David Noll. “No matter how many new products we introduce to the American marketplace over the years ahead, we’ll never lose sight of our longstanding commitment to making sure each and every product we import is the finest, purist, most beneficial and most authentic that New Zealand has to offer.”

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