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Iran Nuclear Pact Issues on ‘The Next Step’

Starting Saturday, September 5, and continuing through Friday, September 25.

Dr. Farzeen Nasri, an eminent scholar and academic, joins Hap Ziegler, attorney and consultant, to discuss the international and domestic issues and prospects of U.S. congressional action on the proposed treaty negotiated by President Obama and five other world powers to resolve the crisis of Iran’s nuclear program.

• What would happen if the U.S. fails to accept the deal while other powers and the UN go forward without us to alleviate the sanctions?

• Is Iran an unreliable partner in the efforts?

• What about the status of North Korea and other nuclear powers that are already outside of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?

• Is the U.S. domestic political scene being molded by pro-Israeli lobbies to the detriment of our own national interest?

The Next Step is broadcast on cable channel 17 in the Santa Barbara area on the following schedule:
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The Next Step is a half-hour political commentary program addressing social justice issues and is produced at TVSB and broadcast on cable channel 17 in the Santa Barbara area. The program is hosted by Glen Mowrer and regularly includes informed guests who address specific issues.

The Next Step is directed by Allie Adamek and Juanita Chatham.

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