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Confederate States of America Ban Passes Final Senate Test

SACRAMENTO: Legislation that would prohibit all public schools, buildings, parks, roadways and other state-owned property from using names associated with Confederate military and elected leaders passed off the Senate Floor today and will be sent to the Governor for his signature consideration. SB 539, authored by Senator Steve Glazer (D-Contra Costa) and co-authored by Senator Bob Huff (R-San Dimas), passed with a solid majority of 31 ‘aye’ votes.

SB 539 would apply to all elected leaders of the Confederacy and military generals.

“This isn’t a difficult vote for me,” said Senator Huff during today’s Senate Floor debate. “It’s not revisionist. It’s not picking and choosing. It’s a matter of moving on as one nation.”

Senator Huff agreed to co-author the measure after meeting with Senator Glazer following the shooting deaths of nine African-American men and women at a church in South Carolina. Both agree that the use of Confederate-associated names in California public schools, buildings, parks, roads and other public property only serves to promote the discriminatory agenda of the Confederate States of America. It is an assault on California’s mission for racial equality.

There are currently two schools named after top Confederate General Robert E. Lee, one in San Diego and the other in Long Beach.

“If South Carolina can take action to remove the Confederate battle flag that flew over their State Capitol, we can certainly take similar action here,” said Senator Huff. “We should have no interest in enshrining the names of Confederate leaders, the secessionist movement or their ideals in our public schools, buildings, parks or other state property.”


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