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Ken Berris to do Book Signing at Tecolotete in Montecito

Something extraordinary is about to happen….

Like baseball, the universe is an astonishing organization of complex rules. And sometimes both tilt sideways on their axes and the rules are bent. Doors are opened. Eyes are opened. History is made. No, it isn’t easy to discern reality from fantasy sometimes, but within the friendly confines of our national pastime, award-winning director and screenwriter Ken Berris offers a fantastic new vision in “WILD CARDS” (ACTA Publications, July 2015), an action-packed new novel about loyalty, virtuosity, faith and baseball through time and space.

Hope Hughes and her son Griffin are on the run across country, eluding a homicidal gang of thugs who are after a box of old baseball cards. The cards are the only things that Griffin’s dad left for him before he died tragically. They could be worth a fortune, but they are worth so much more to Griffin.

As Hope and Griffin run out of options, they are presented with surprising assistance from unexpected sources. Some of the very best hitters and pitchers the game has ever seen—Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente, Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, Jim Thorpe, Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Ted Williams, and Jackie Robinson—mysteriously appear through their old baseball cards as the legendary athletes they were in their prime and are somehow compelled to help them. The only snag is that these players died decades ago. Why? How? What could explain their presence? Multiple dimensions? Time travel? An illusion? Were they ghosts righting a wrong? Or guardian angels in the outfield?

Whatever the cause or reason, these ten men address Hope and Griffin’s dangerous predicament, the state of the game, their pasts, their new chances at “life” and baseball and deal with the unfamiliar twenty-first century in the process. The implausible becomes possible—and a lot of fun—as an event of epic proportions and potentially dire consequences plays out in front of the world at Yankee Stadium. It’s the “Game for the Ages” against modern-day stars like Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout and Madison Bumgarner. The game that we’ve always wanted to see. And the stakes—the lives of innocent people, the soul of the game and the desire for a departed father to return to his family—couldn’t be higher. Do you believe in miracles? Because anything can happen on these pages.

Play ball.

Berris takes readers on a fantastic baseball odyssey that proves that the full measure of a baseball player cannot be realized by studying the stats on the back of his baseball card. And sometimes, when the universe tilts sideways on its axis, we get a better understanding of what “legend” really means.

“Legends come to life in this baseball fantasy tale.
A new, imaginative take on how fans connect with their baseball heroes.”

Hall of Fame Catcher

“Wild Cards is Harry Potter meets Field of Dreams.
It’s an emotional home run with the bases loaded.”

Producer of the Hit TV Show, 24

Best baseball book since Moneyball and The Natural.”


Fantasy Baseball from the past at its finest.
Baseball fans will love this book.”

Author, Out of Their League

Ken Berris is an award-winning director and screenwriter for The Manor, Blown Away, Eraser Turnabout, and Prickly Rose. He is a top creative branding consultant who has won Clio Awards and New York One Show Gold Awards for his commercial work on many name brands, and the Invision Award, the Oscar of Interactive Media. A noted ghost writer and script doctor for numerous scripts, Ken has also run the branding, creative and media for numerous political campaigns. He lives in Santa Barbara, California and believes fundamentally that neighborhood bookstores like Tecolote should remain part of the fabric of our country.


Author: Ken Berris
Publisher: ACTA Publications
Format: Hardcover; Pages: 258
ISBN-13: 978-1-61168-804-7
Publication Date: July 2015

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