Lompoc Valley Motorsports Park Project“>
Since the June 7 Council meeting the City Manager and City Attorney have worked diligently with Motorsports Committee to crate
an amendment to the existing Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] for the Motorsports Park as directed by the June 7 council
resolution. Today the MOU amendment was signed by the Foundation, after Foundation Board approval, and delivered to Teresa
Gallavan Assistant City Manager along with checks for various project grant matches and costs totaling $68,215.95.
At the June 7 council meeting City Staff provided accurate dollar amounts to the Council of the grant match funds the Motorsports
Committee would need to pay the City. The Committee’s 26% grant match is for environmental work the City is performing under a
grant from California State Parks. The staff report showed that the grant match estimate for the original CEQA environmental work is
$58,652.10. The City’s grant match estimate had varied widely over the last three years. The first estimate in 2012 was $35,000.00
and up to a high in a City letter on October 8, 2015 of $174.555.
Additional environmental work required by the FAA in May for a federal NEP study added a $16,460.60 match requirement for the
Motorsports Committee. Finally with all of the additional work, more City staff time and contract engineering time that was now
needed added an additional grant match of $20,522.16. With these increases since May and some costs to be paid in full for the
drag strip portion of the project the June 7 staff report showed a total grant match for the Motorsports Committee of $103,324.87.
The Committee had already paid $55,695.92 and today the Committee Chairman Carl Creel and Vice Chairman Will Schuyler
delivered the $47,628.95 to the City. This represents payment of all of the Motorsports Committees grant match funds through the
end of the environmental review process totaling $103,324.87.
In May the FAA also required an up date the Airport Layout Plan. The City has signed a contract for that update for $73,310.00
which can not be paid for with State Parks grant funds. The Foundation and the City are seeking other grants but until those are
found the Committee is responsible for the full cost. The Committee today delivered $5,725.00 which with funds already paid to the
City constitutes the agreed on $10,000.00 down payment. Additionally the Committee delivered the July payment of $12,662.00. No
City funds have been paid under Airport Layout Plan contract to date.
Finally the Committee delivered payment of $2,200.00 for the cost of an appraisal so the City and the FAA can determine a
fair market value for the lease of the property. In total the Motorsports Committee today paid the City $68,215.95 which with the
$55,695.92 previously paid is a total of $123,911.87.
The Committee thanks the thousands of Lompoc Valley residents that have contributed time, materials and dollars to the project
by attending events, making donations or purchasing raffle tickets. In total the Committee has raised over $210,000.00 to move the
project forward and operate the Kids Motor Fun Park. Like all projects of the Lompoc Valley Parks Recreation and Pool Foundation
builds, once the Motorsports Committee completes each phase of the Motorsports Park the finished facility is donated to the City.
Next the Foundation will lease the Park from the City, pay rent to support the airport and operate the Park for everyone to enjoy.
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