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SANTA BARBARA, CA. - JULY, 2016 - “Did you know that the majority of us learn best with the use of pictures, color association and observation? The importance of great product photography may make or break your website demand and especially your ecommerce sales. The more appealing and clear your products look, the more you will sell. This is really the case; not just for products, but for any photographs featured on your website. The better they look, the more traffic you will drive in.—Jennifer Mathews, Igniting Business

When shopping or researching on-line, the vast majority of buying decisions are made based solely on the quality of the images presented. As consumption of on-line shopping and social branding continues to rise, so does the need for images that sell your brand in seconds. The Product Photography Studio, formerly ePrep Services, has repositioned itself in the marketplace to give the West Coast retailers what it sorely needs. A studio solely committed to excellent product photography. “The Studio” is the largest and best equipped business of its kind on the Central Coast. They are uniquely able to receive and store large orders, handle all shapes, sizes and weights, provide retailers with still, multi-angle, and 360º animated product images, turn the images around quickly, and return the product to the retailer, faster, better, and for less than any “general” photographer. The Studio has been supporting local business for 20+ years and now has rebranded with a new logo, and website.

We love our smart phones, and so does everyone else! Consumers want to use them to take their product photos, but there is a better way to show off your goods. Through truly good lighting, clean backgrounds, appropriate use of style and color, photographs are the best sales tools available. The Studio also prides itself on extensive Adobe Photoshop and retouching skills. The owner, Eric Gordon, has taught Photoshop for the UCSB Extension program.

Eric Gordon repositioned his company because he saw a real need for better images on local business websites. “I want to give local businesses a leg up in their marketing strategy. I believe that providing fast, affordable and quality product photography is something that can boost our local economy. Photography has been my passion since childhood when I interned with National Geographic photographing Mayan ruins throughout Central America. I worked 10 hour days in the sweltering heat just to learn from great photographers.
 n the past we have donated photography services for Grandparents day at a local school and photography for the marketing campaign for the Childrens’ library project. I photographed originally in New York but have made Santa Barbara my home for the past 25 years.”
—Eric Gordon, Owner, The Product Photography Studio

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