Since founding in 2006, Angels Foster Care has been improving the way foster care is delivered to children in Santa Barbara County and is thrilled to announce that their exceptional program of care has placed their 200th baby in an Angels foster home. It was late on Thursday afternoon and Jennifer, Angels Social Worker, had finished a long day of court for one of the Angels children and was just leaving a visit with one of our Angels babies and his mom. Her phone rang and the familiar number from Child Welfare Services (CWS) flashed on the screen. As she placed the baby in his car seat and handed him a toy, she grabbed the call. Jennifer listened to the CWS worker explain that she needed a home immediately for a 3-month old baby girl, Emily, and her sister, Maddy, age 2. The CWS worker continued, telling Jennifer that the girls were now in her office, tired, confused and with very little belongings — no extra clothes, no blankets, no toys. By now it is 6 pm.

Jennifer safely returned the Angels baby to his Angels parents and went to work finding a match for these very young siblings. Keeping in mind the specific needs of the girls, Jennifer called Evan and Maria, Angels parents who have been fostering with Angels for over two years. Maria answered the phone and because they have been well prepared and were ready, said yes to the girls immediately. Jennifer telephoned CWS to let the worker know we had a family who was ready to welcome the girls.

Meanwhile, Maria and Evan were busy getting their previously empty nursery ready for the girls. Sheets were put on the waiting crib and bed, so the girls could sleep together in the same room. Jennifer swung by the Angels office to grab car seats, a diaper bag, handmade blankets, formula, bottles, diapers and pajamas; items all donated to Angels by community churches, Junior League and Lion’s Club. Within an hour, the girls were settling into their new home. Maria holding and rocking Emily in the living room while feeding Emily a bottle and Evan in the kitchen with Maddy, giving her some dinner and making her laugh with his animal impersonations.

Emily and Maddy bring the total children served by Angels to 200!

This milestone is a big one for the Angels Foster Care team who have been helping local babies and toddlers and placing them in safe, loving, and stable Angels foster homes for the past 10 years.

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