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WINNER of SB Teen Dance Star

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Teen Dance Star WINNER 2016:
Santa Barbara, CA February 1, 2016 – The producers of the popular vocal competition, Teen Star, are excited to announce the winner of the first annual Teen Dance Star:
Frankie Harman, 14, Providence Christian School, Santa Barbara Dance Arts

Last Saturday January 30th, fourteen-year old Frankie Harman and nine other talented dancers ages 12-17 from across Santa Barbara County performed at the Teen Dance Star Showcase Finale at the Lobero Theatre. The first Showcase Finale sold out in just four days, proving that Teen Dance Star’s inaugural year was a huge success!

Preparations for the Showcase began in November starting with auditions and then followed by a month-long workshop that brought together the 10 finalists and three alternates, who train at different studios and in diverse genres from ballet to hip hop. The evening began when the dancers emerged from a limousine and walked the red carpet lined with enthusiastic fans, and made their way through press and photographers into the theater. The Showcase opened with a high-energy, French-themed group number choreographed by Alexandra Hulme, from television’s hit shows Glee and Smash. The Showcase was hosted by local personality and author, Jenna McCarthy.

The top 10 finalists performed solos and then received feedback from celebrity judges, Will Wingfield, Monique Wingfield, and Jessica Richens – all professional dancers whose experience includes high profile work on shows like So You Think You Can Dance and with recording artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce. The judges were overwhelmingly impressed with our local talent. The first time Frankie Harman performed, Mr. Wingfield said, “I would hire you right now!” After Harman’s second solo to a stirring reading of Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, she received a standing ovation. Mr. Wingfield, then compared her performance to Alvin Ailey protégé and Artistic Director, Juidth Jamison.

The top three finalists also included Grace Quittner and Sarah Block from Gustafson School of Dance. At the end of the evening, the votes from the audience and celebrity judges were tabulated and Frankie Harman was named Teen Dance Star and received a $1,0000 cash prize! Though the event was a competition, the spirit of the evening was about gratitude and friendship. “We were already winners when we walked on stage. I had the best night of my life and I made 12 new friends,” said finalist Riley Brewer, representing Los Olivos Dance Gallery. This was further evident by the explosion of love and support on social media throughout the weekend.

With the Showcase complete, the ticket sales combined with the generous support from the Lobero Theatre Foundation and Deckers will help create access to the performing arts in our community. The evening’s proceeds will go to the Arts Mentorship Program (AMP) to provide dance scholarships so pre-qualified low-income youth. Each scholarship will be given in the finalists’ names, so the next generation of talent can train at each finalist’s respective studio. “It is so incredible that these dancers get to leave a legacy and give back,” says AMP Board Member Kerrilee Gore.

Teen Dance Star’s partnership with AMP is important since the mission of Teen Star is to support youth in performing arts with the goal to nurture talent by inspiring passion, instilling drive for success and encouraging excellence and professionalism. Teen Dance Star is not just about the Final Showcase, it is a year-long program where the finalists act as ambassadors in the community while helping to educate a generation of dancers who would not otherwise have access.

“Teen Dance Star has filled a gap in the dance community and it is clear that Teen Dance Star is here to stay!” says Executive Producer Joe Lambert. “It will be exciting to see creative synergy continue between our vocalists and dancers together at the 7th annual Teen Star Showcase Finale at the Arlington Theatre on February 27th.”

Teen Star’s first annual Teen Dance Star Showcase Finale lit up the stage to a full house at the Lobero Theatre on January 30th, 2016.
10 teen dancers from across Santa Barbara County walked the red carpet, and performed before a panel of celebrity judges whose credits ranged from So You Think You Can Dance to back up and choreography work with celebrities such as Rhianna and Beyonce.
French-themed opening number was choreographed from Glee and Smash’s Alexandra Hulme.
Finalists ages 12-17 performed solos, after which the three selected finalists performed a second time. The winner was decided by audience and judges’ votes.
The winner, Frankie Harman. received a $1,000 cash scholarship.
Sponsors including the Lobero Theatre Foundation and Deckers provided support to the show.
The net proceeds of the Showcase will go to the Arts Mentorship Program to provide scholarships to low-income dancers.
Scholarships will be in the Teen Dance Star finalists’ names so each of the finalists will allow a new generation of dancers to train at their respective studios.

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