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Are Leaders Born or Made? Both, says UCSB Extension’s New Business Leadership Program Director

UCSB Extension - John F. Kennedy once stated, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” UCSB Extension instructor Pauline Chandler concurs. On March 30, Ms. Chandler is teaching Foundations of Leadership - the flagship course of UCSB Extension’s Business Leadership Program . “What I find is, many leaders get pushed into a leadership role without having learned the foundations of leadership. If the foundations are missing, people can end up overwhelmed, frustrated or thrown off balance. This class creates the space for people to develop a true and authentic leadership style.”

UCSB Extension’s new Business Leadership Program approaches leadership as a measurable series of skill sets that can be learned and mastered, along with methodologies for developing strategic thinking. The program uniquely features 3 required courses, and 9 elective options that colorfully delve into the full spectrum of business know-how. UCSB Extension’s Business, Management and Law program manager Anissa Stewart explains the thinking behind all the choices.

“In developing this program I worked with a stellar advisory board whose members, by design, come from a deliberately broad swath of organizational backgrounds. The advisory board’s diversity informed our decision to offer a program that was customizable and could reflect the variety inherent in the workforce and the community. Participants will be able to design, from a deep selection of elective courses, a truly boutique program of needed leadership skills. I’m very happy with the result.”

Like most of UCSB Extension’s Professional Development course work, the students may proceed at their own pace. The opening course, and the recommended first stop in the course sequence, is Foundations of Leadership. What can students hope to take away from this gateway course into the Business Leadership Program?

“We often have a mental model of leadership that is linked to power,” Chandler says. “In this Foundations course we deconstruct that model and rebuild leadership so that people can lead from the front, the side, and from behind. A really great leader knows him/herself well enough to ask the right questions, engage the right people, and believe in the power of listening and collaboration.”

The Foundations of Leadership course features a blockbuster lineup of compelling speakers who will explain and demonstrate leadership thinking, theory and practice. The Foundations course begins March 30, and may be taken on its own or as a part of the larger Business Leadership Program. Information about UCSB Extension’s programs, including the Business Leadership Program, is available by telephone at805.893.4200 or by clicking here.

As the continuing education division of UCSB, Extension offers certificate programs, courses, and seminars for personal and professional development on a year-round basis, and on a schedule designed to be convenient to working adults. Courses are open to the general public, including UCSB students. UCSB Extension is supported by student fees and receives no state funds.

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