PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Running for and Serving on Goleta’s City Council

The public is invited to an informational meeting on the basics of the duties and responsibilities of Goleta City Council members and the basics of what it takes to run for office.

This meeting is FREE and NON-PARTISAN. It will take place at the Goleta Public Library Large Meeting Room on Thursday, February 4, 2016, at 6:45 PM.
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I. Welcome and Introduction (Moderator)

II. Duties and responsibilities of a
Goleta Council Member (Margaret Connell)
• Council meetings — preparation and attendance
• Committee & regional meetings
• Remuneration
• Potentially serving as Mayor
• Attending community functions
• The Brown Act

III. Running for Goleta City Council (20 minutes — James Kyriaco)
• Getting signatures
• Filing deadlines and cost
• Candidate ballot statement
• Campaign committee, especially treasurer
• “Electioneering” ads, literature, walking, forums, signs
• Campaign costs and fundraising
• Endorsements

IV. Audience Q & A and comments (30-45 minutes —Cynthia Brock, Margaret Connell, James Kyriaco)
Audience questions for panel
Audience comments
What attributes attendees would like to see in a candidate
What issues are important to Goleta

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