Antioch’s Elizabeth Wolfson to Present on the Late-Life Creativity of Bob Dylan at Conference

(SANTA BARBARA, Calif.) – Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW, and chair of the Masters in Clinical Psychology program at Antioch University Santa Barbara, will be presenting a talk on “Late-Life Love, Creativity and Wisdom” at the 2016 Creativity and Madness Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, drawing from the poetic and musical creative expression of the iconic 75-year-old singer-songwriter, Bob Dylan.

Dr. Wolfson’s talk on Wednesday, August 3, at the conference discusses the evolution of Dylan’s career with a focus on his later works, offering a unique window into contemporary perspectives on aging. Drawing from Dylan’s poetry and performance, the presentation discusses how the nostalgia and longing dovetail with late-life wisdom to offer rich opportunities for enriched love, creativity, and well-being. The topic of late-life opportunity is of increasing importance and interest as world culture is being shaped by the one of the world’s fastest growing populations.

“My presentation will demonstrate how Dylan’s creative journey toward the twilight of his life has taken him back to his musical and emotional roots while offering poignant observations on late-life opportunity,” Dr. Wolfson said about her presentation.

Dr. Wolfson’s talk will touch upon many of the topics taught in the MACP program’s Healthy Aging concentration, which focuses on a strength based, integrative counseling approach that supports resilience in older adults and their families.

“The presentation will refute commonly held notions that creativity and passion fade with age,” she said. “In fact, the opposite is true. Dylan’s contemporary work demonstrates how late-life awareness of mortality converges at a crossroads of wisdom, nostalgia, and longing. And it is at this crossroads that creativity flourishes.”

Dr. Wolfson will talk about how mental health professionals can use this insight to help clients of all ages as well as in later life.

The Creativity and Madness Conference is produced by the American Institute for Medical Education (AIMED) and is focused on the psychology of artists and the creative process. More information on the conference is at

The MACP program at AUSB provides students with a community-based, holistic approach to psychotherapeutic practice. Students gain the practical and theoretical knowledge for a sustainable and successful career in the field of counseling, as well as the skills to work with diverse client needs and perspectives.
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